Painting  Childhood:  Want To Play Ball?

Awarded First Place Painting at Thursday Night Live Exhibition 2016


Maureen Andes Jistel is represented at Xanadu Gallery, which can be found at: 

​Portraits By Maureen in Dalla​s

Portrait Artist, Dallas, Texas

Oil portrait paintings and pencil portrait sketches waiting to be commissioned by you.  I look forward to creating a portrait you will treasure forever.  

Portraits by Maureen Andes Jistel

​​​There are several pieces of artwork shown on this site that are available for sale.  Please contact the artist for information by selecting the Contact Me page to

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​It is a privilege to paint portraits.  Each person is utterly unique, well loved.  It is said the eyes are the windows to the soul.  My job is to capture more than the physical representation of eyelids, eyelashes, iris, pupil.  I want you to look at your loved ones eyes and feel that loved family member gazing back at you.

Portraits should capture that instantly recognizable fleeting expression - the turn of the head, the piercing glance or the tender smile.

Painting is a collaboration with my client.  I want to ensure that the oil painting and pencil drawing I do for you will touch you deeply and create a lasting memory that you will cherish. 

Oil Portrait Paintings

Pencil Portrait Sketches